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Service & Support

Tired of impersonal help and long wait times to get your questions answered? SimpliField has a team of innovative experts that are waiting on standby to walk through your thoughts and ideas. 

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Who is SimpliField?
Dedicated Client Success Managers

We are the experts in the industry in luxury, fragrance, QSR, homegoods, and pharmacy. Plus, we take a culture-first approach. Whether you're deploying in Tokyo, Marseille, or Kansas, our trained team of experts will walk with you each step of the process.


ROI Focus

Our Client Success Team provides the framework for success: best practices and strategies that hit your organization’s personalized business objectives. These strategic recommendations will help adopt SimpliField to your organization's current habits, or help bring a fresh perspective and new success.


24/7 Help

Our teams are available on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that your questions are answered in a timely manner. Your dedicated CSM will help with adaptation, integration, and growth.


In our clients' words:

“The SimpliField team helped us simplify our digital transformation: from defining what we truly wanted, to finding the right answers in just a few clicks. Today we can truly “feel” the field, catching more details than ever before.”


Retail Brand

"SimpliField has given us coordination, visibility and more time to focus on improving our wholesale strategy: in one app, we can handle tasks, reporting, scheduling and even inventory.



Visibility Anywhere.

Employee Communication

All your communication, all in one place. Keep your talent up-to-date and engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time updates with pictures, videos, and documents.
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Task Management

Task Management with SimpliField
Streamline workflows, sync your team, and organize your data with customizable checklists. Now you can easily orchestrate and automate your processes across teams — holding them accountable to consistent timelines.
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Store Visit & Audit

Store Visits & Audits with SimpliField
Make the most of field visits by organizing everyday coverage and seasonal resets. Schedule workflows, gather photos taken from the field, and optimize each audit.
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Onboarding & Microlearning

Utilize our easy and personalized onboarding sequence to get your organization aligned. Plus, once users have had sufficient training, they’ll have 24/7 access to bite-size learning modules between serving clients.
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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics with SimpliField
Our analytics are designed for everyone: from the store manager to the district manager, all the way up to HQ. Gain valuable insights from your data — visualized in user-friendly dashboards. Or, leverage our new Dashboard Builder to create your own.

Service & Support

Service & Support with SimpliField
Tired of impersonal help and long wait times to get your questions answered? SimpliField has a team of innovative experts that are waiting on standby to walk through your thoughts and ideas.

Who we are, and how we help.

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Five Things You Should Know Before Sending Your Team-Wide Update

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Customer Success: How SimpliField Supports Retail Performance

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Task Management
Store Visit

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