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Employee Communications

All your communication, all in one place.
Keep your talent up-to-date and engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time updates with pictures, videos, and documents.

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Who is SimpliField?


Send interactive updates to the team in an engaging interface with the Newsfeed. Team members can like, comment, and interact with posts. Plus, different channels can be created for specific groups.

Personalized Dashboard

Manage expectations and performance with personalized dashboards for each team member. They'll get clear visibility to their upcoming tasks and previous work.

Visual Merchandising

Make the move from endless print-outs to interactive photo collaboration. Our repository with unlimited space allows you to find images in seconds.



Your all-in-one space to message directly with team members. Send notes, photos, and reminders.



Distribute trainings and monitor trends without taking time from the team's day-to-day.


In our clients' words:

“We have over 400 merchandisers alone, and without this vital communication with SimpliField, it would be a disaster."

Rafael Latour

Senior Director at Revlon

“SimpliField allows us to interact as a single unit - one team with the same goals, from Store to HQ to Field. Communication travels at the speed needed to react to business challenges.”

Dawn DeVincent

Operations Manager at Christmas Tree Shops

Visibility Anywhere.

Employee Communication

All your communication, all in one place. Keep your talent up-to-date and engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time updates with pictures, videos, and documents.
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Task Management

Task Management with SimpliField
Streamline workflows, sync your team, and organize your data with customizable checklists. Now you can easily orchestrate and automate your processes across teams — holding them accountable to consistent timelines.
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Store Visit & Audit

Store Visits & Audits with SimpliField
Make the most of field visits by organizing everyday coverage and seasonal resets. Schedule workflows, gather photos taken from the field, and optimize each audit.
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Onboarding & Microlearning

Utilize our easy and personalized onboarding sequence to get your organization aligned. Plus, once users have had sufficient training, they’ll have 24/7 access to bite-size learning modules between serving clients.
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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics with SimpliField
Our analytics are designed for everyone: from the store manager to the district manager, all the way up to HQ. Gain valuable insights from your data — visualized in user-friendly dashboards. Or, leverage our new Dashboard Builder to create your own.

Service & Support

Service & Support with SimpliField
Tired of impersonal help and long wait times to get your questions answered? SimpliField has a team of innovative experts that are waiting on standby to walk through your thoughts and ideas.

Retail Communications in action.

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10 Apr 2024 | Kendra Bandy

Optimizing Communication Channels Between HQ and Stores

The synergy between headquarters and store fronts stands as a cornerstone of operational excellence. In other words, if it’s weak, you know it. This...
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9 Jun 2023 | Daniel Bizzell

A Guide to Modern and Traditional Communication Methods for Retail Teams

In today's fast-paced retail environment, it's essential to have a comprehensive internal communication strategy that ensures employees are...
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28 Feb 2023 | Daniel Bizzell

Building a Strategy for Effective Communication in Retail

Retail organizations often struggle with internal communications. The standard channels that work for other industries, like company email, aren’t...

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Task Management
Store Visit
Service & Support

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