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Onboarding & Microlearning

Utilize our easy and personalized onboarding sequence to get your organization aligned. Deliver bite-sized training content that seamlessly integrates into your team's workflow.

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Manageable Training

Cater to dwindling attention spans by training your teams with bite-sized content. With a variety of videos, surveys, documents, and checklists, you can train new employees quickly and effectively. Make the most of flash training, product knowledge, and onboarding features.

Seamless Integration

Utilize our simple training modules to fit onboarding naturally into your employee's work routine. Skip the hours of unnecessary videos, and switch to engaging training, incentive programs, and fun quizzes that your team members will actually remember. 

Improved Retention Rates

Empower your teams with access to constant learning and training— allowing them to take ownership of their employment opportunity and career growth. Watch as your retention rates, company culture, and individual empowerment improve.


In our clients' words:

“SimpliField’s solution is a significant asset for wholesalers like us. Not having to train each new user – thanks to the tool’s simplicity and user-friendliness – is a highly appreciated time-saver for our management team.”

Laurent Bichard

Sales Development Manager at Sony

“Since the beginning, SimpliField works in collaboration with our teams and never ceases to innovate so that the solution always fits our needs. The app supports us in our daily operations and enables us to exceed our performance targets.”


Retail Coordination

Learn, adopt, adapt with these resources.

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2 Jul 2021 | Marie Merien

Reinventing Experiential Retail in 2021 According to Nespresso

Experiential retail may sound like a faraway concept after eighteen months deep in a pandemic. But the reality is: experiential retail is booming. ...
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23 Feb 2021 | Marie Merien

5 Ways to Guarantee Retail Compliance With SimpliField

For retail, 2020 will have been the year of compliance: with the breakout of Covid-19, retailers, wholesale brands, restaurants and pretty much any...

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