The Intelligent Retail Performance Platform

SimpliField is the ultimate all-in-one, fully integrated mobile platform for retail operations, communications, workflow automation, and advanced performance analytics.

Empower Your Team
Unleash Efficiency

Problems We Solve

Even the highest-performing retailers and brands in the world face challenges around:

Disconnected, inefficient systems
Confusion and disorganization around siloed platforms, and outdated tech that is not user friendly, not integrated and not engaging - especially on mobile devices.
Outdated, uninspiring communications
Ineffective communication of key info between HQ, stores and teams via inefficient, redundant systems and reliance on non-secure email, chat and doc-sharing platforms.
Huge new COVID era challenges
Increasing regulations around health and safety with no way to manage compliance and ensure proper execution. Reduced ability to travel and conduct in-person training.
Pressure on improved performance
Need to rapidly improve efficiency and deliver improved sales and profitability - with reduced staff and limited resources.

The SimpliField Solution

A powerful suite of tools for seamless communications, operations, analytics and performance.

Three app screens showing SimpliField Sync

Empower Your Talent & Transform Communications

Keep all your talent up to date, in sync & engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time, two-way communications.


Update your entire team with companywide news and alerts wherever they are.


Share rich interactive posts with videos, pictures and documents and invite comments and interaction across teams.


Drive team and group engagement with 1:1 and group chat functionality.

Real-time Feedback

Gather team feedback in the store and in the field from the ground up.


Drive Improved Productivity & Seamless Operations

Empower precision teamwork and agile execution. Improve processes and team performance now.

Operations dashboard
Operations & Surveys

Create and share customized training, employee surveys, and build custom audits and processes from scratch.

Task Management

Assign and track follow-up actions & view results for every team & store.

Real-time Results Reporting

Gain a comprehensive activity view across every region, every store, every employee, every day.

Scheduling dashboard in SimpliField Plan

Organize, Prioritize & Manage Calendars, Scheduling & Events

Improve productivity, reduce confusion and drive the right actions at the right time.

Visit Scheduling

Plan, track and calendar all
your team’s events.

Validation Workflow

Manage and monitor employee scheduling change proposals.

Automatic Planning

Generate visit prioritization and recommendation for your field teams  based on store priority.


Deliver Flawless Visual Merchandising 

Visualize improved brand compliance and beautiful merchandising performance.

Shared VM Documents

Share detailed Visual Merchandising guidelines with your team, track progress, collaborate and inspire creativity and flawless execution in real time.

Photo Gallery

Easily track brand compliance across multiple stores, regions and teams in one sortable, searchable
photo gallery.

Photo-sharing and visual feedback

Take and share photos of
in-store displays, adding comments and drawing feedback on photos.

Progress Tracking

View detailed activity metrics to better understand companywide VM performance.

Flow chart showing SimpliField's integrations

Integrate All Your Key Data Sources and Systems

Integrate all your data sources and systems. Fuel smarter daily work by your team.

Easily Integrate with All Your Systems

Connect with literally hundreds of key external data sources - all at
the click of a button.

Use Data to Drive Impact

Bring massive new value to your legacy systems and data by connecting them to the everyday actions that impact results.

Activate all your Critical Data

Fuel true data decision-making in real-time, everywhere you need it.


Unleash Efficiency with the Power of Workflow Automation

Streamlined processes. Reduced waste and massive increases in efficiency. No tech team required.

Powerful, Flexible, Automated Workflows

Easily automate wasteful and
redundant processes.

Apply Intelligent Logic

Customize workflows to your organizational processes.

Connect Workflow with Integrations

Define workflows using your SimpliField data and other key external data integrated via SimpliField Connect.

SimpliField Analytics dashboards

Get Deeper Insights, Metrics that Matter & Dynamic Dashboards

Enterprise grade dashboards in minutes, not weeks. Tailor-made for your teams.

Available for all

Give access to relevant KPI for every employee and align everyone on
the right targets.

Connect & Visualize

Integrate all your important external data within SimpliField.

Easily Adapt & Customize

Adjust dashboards on the fly for your teams to suit your data, your systems, 
and your regional requirements.