The Intelligent Retail Performance Platform

For the first time, see your retail business running in real-time — from the corporate office, through the field, all the way to the point of distribution.

Why SimpliField?

Spend more time with customers

Retail teams have less resources to do more complex work. Unlock efficiency and adaptability to focus on the customer experience.

Empower your teams

The retail workforce is younger, more diverse, and expects modern tools. Bypass redundant systems that lead to ineffective communications, and invest in better tools for field insights.

Prepare for the future of retail

COVID-19 was a call-to-action for the retail industry. Redefine the store in your omnichannel strategy and meet new customer expectations for renewed human interactions.

Do more with less

Digitally transform your operations to improve efficiency and deliver improved sales faster than ever - even with reduced staff and limited resources.

The SimpliField Solution

One tool for seamless retail communications, operations and analytics.


SimpliField keeps your talent up to date and engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time communications. Our dedicated Visual Merchandising module allows you to collaborate across stores and locations and get a clear view of store and team compliance.


  • Foster 1:1 collaboration in real-time across your organization.

  • Engage teams with rich interactive posts with videos, pictures and documents, and invite comments and interaction across teams. 

  • Communicate announcements instantly and in one place, targeting specific teams and store groups. 

  • Share customer feedback to the whole enterprise, enabling merchandising decisions to happen quickly.


  • Visual Merchandising 

  • Announcements

  • Newsfeed and announcements 

  • 1:1 and Group Chat


SimpliField empowers agile teamwork, performance and execution. Intelligent automations streamline processes by applying logic to customize and scale your team’s best practices.


  • Organize your team’s activities, assign and track follow-up actions, and view results for every team and every store to optimize time and resources. 

  • Create user-friendly and engaging in-app training. Track if training is completed and consolidate data on how well it performed. 

  • Customize workflows to your organizational processes.

  • Easily automate wasteful and redundant processes. 


  • Best practice workflow templates

  • Task Management

  • Training

  • Visit scheduling

  • Manage schedules

  • Generate visit prioritization for field teams

  • Activity Tracking


SimpliField aligns all teams on actionable, meaningful data. Metrics are surfaced specifically for each role, giving a clear view to insights - from global performance to digital and physical sales targets, without overwhelming individual roles with data points they don’t need. 


  • Access relevant KPIs and align everyone on the right targets.

  • Motivate your teams with relative rankings across districts and regions.

  • Customize your Dashboard display by role to only show relevant metrics and suit your data, systems and regional requirements.

  • Empower your teams quickly: leverage your standard dashboards for rapid set-up.

  • On desktop and mobile!


  • Dashboards

  • Dashboard library 

  • Customized displays 

  • Customized options

  • Store Information Management Dashboard 

  • External data integration

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