Luxury Cosmetics x SimpliField: Instant Communications & 75% Time Saved on Reporting

Our client, a leading luxury cosmetics wholesaler, chose SimpliField to become more efficient and support teams at all levels with streamlined communications and digital reporting. Find out how SimpliField led the brand's digital transformation for Field Teams to save 75% on reporting time and eliminate spamming email communications.
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About this case study

An international leader in luxury cosmetics, this wholesaler chose the SimpliField solution to lead its digital transformation for better communications and operations with:

  • Newsfeed & announcements
  • Visual merchandising & product launches
  • Sharing of documents, photos & training
  • Competitive intelligence

“The SimpliField team helped us simplify our digital transformation: from defining what we truly wanted, to finding the right answers in just a few clicks. Today we can truly “feel” the field, catching more details than ever before.”

Retail Manager

Retail Manager, @ Leading International Luxury Cosmetic Wholesaler

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