The Future of Luxury and Experiential Retail

Erwan Rambourg

Erwan Rambourg, Managing Director and Global Head of Consumer & Retail equity research at HSBC

Vincent Vuillaume

Vincent Vuillaume, Former International Retail Director at Hublot


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Following up on Erwan Rambourg's just-released book “Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury,” we discuss the shape of the luxury industry during and after COVID – from fundamental changes in global buying patterns to shifts in generational preferences, to the rapidly changing face of experiential retail.

Watch the replay and get powerful real-world examples and data on:

  • The impact of COVID on global luxury markets.
  • How luxury leaders are rapidly innovating to create creative new customer experiences–in-store, online and IRL.
  • How younger buyers are shifting from product to purpose to redefine the very meaning of luxury.
  • How the role of the luxury retail talent can evolve for the better

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