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SimpliField for Retail Operations

Managing retail operations across multiple teams, stores locations and languages can be massively, needlessly, difficult and complex – making it hard to understand how your team is performing and what you can do to impact results.

SimpliField’s mobile-first platform makes it easy for retail operations executives from leading brands to work seamlessly together with store teams and field teams – driving massive increases in efficiency, productivity and team effectiveness by digitizing processes and automating routine team tasks and workflows.

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Retail Operations: How We Help

Ensure brand compliance and drive optimal sales results across many store locations via our intuitive, mobile-first platform. Spend less time on the back office and spend more time on client relationships.

  • Access critical real-time analytics around store, colleague and partner performance.
  • Drive improved compliance, reducing costly errors.
  • Improve efficiency by reducing time & costs associated with tedious manual processes through automation.
  • Empower your team and leadership with a secure two-way communications platform.
  • Share ideas and direction.
  • Bring forth pivotal customer feedback and react quickly to key information.

“After COVID, we needed a way to stay on top of store audits with a reduced management staff. SimpliField helped us address that need with virtual visits, and we’re way more efficient as a result.”

VP of Retail Operations at Leading Global Apparel Retailer

Key Use Cases

Easily accomplish mission-critical operations across many countries, regions, stores, teams and languages with SimpliField:

  • Store performance monitoring
  • Workflow automation
  • KPI dashboards
  • Program optimization
  • Collection launches
  • Merchandising
  • Maintenance & security audits
  • Inventory Management
  • HR & Loyalty Programs
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With our mobile retail store operations platform, manage store operations easily across your entire network with automated processes and two-way communications.

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