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SimpliField for IT & Digital Transformation

In a recent BDO survey of major retailers, 54% of respondents said that increasing operational efficiency via digital transformation was one of their top 3 business goals. As Johnathan Tate, former Head of Enterprise Data Strategy at Nike, said in one of our most recent webinars:

“Digital transformation was always something that people strived for and had several years to go out and adopt.
Now that COVID is here, we don’t have that time or that luxury. It’s a necessity just to survive to get our entire technology stack digitized, and to give the ability back to employees to collaborate remotely and gather data through digital technology.”

For retail technology leaders looking for a practical, actionable way to transform the way they do business to better connect their brands, their employees and their customers, SimpliField provides an ideal solution.

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How We Help With Digital Transformation

SimpliField guides our clients through a transformational journey, providing intelligent tools for growth, digitization, organizational change, optimization and improvement all along the way:

  • Digitization: Our Ops solution allows your teams to automate and digitize simple store audit procedures, including surveys, campaigns and tasks that have previously been handled offline or on insecure platforms. Clients instantly start seeing value from this phase by organizing and digitizing their processes.
  • Connection: From there we launch Sync, our communications platform, and get all of their teams up on the newsfeed to share company news and chat to collaborate in real-time on the ground.
  • Integration: Once we get teams across departments using the platform and comfortable with it, we start exploring how we connect with other outside systems to help optimize processes using our Connect solution. Store-by-store sales data from Salesforce or Power BI (for example) might enter into dashboards and start fueling decision-making at the store or region level.
  • Automation: From there we look at how to automate some of the routine processes and setting up simple triggers and automations based on the data we are collecting using SimpliField Works.
  • Analytics & Optimization: And then finally we implement more advanced analytics and fully editable, brandable dashboards linked to triggered processes – truly retail bringing insights into real-world action using SimpliField Analytics.
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“SimpliField impacted more than just how we communicate — it provided us with other perspectives on everything we can digitize.”

International Retail Director at Luxury Watch Brand

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Drive IT and retail digital transformation with an all-in-one mobile platform for retail operations, task management, communications, and real-time analytics.

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