The Future of Beauty & Cosmetics: 7 Trends for Retailers and Brands

The beauty and cosmetics industry is already outperforming other industries after Covid-19. There is a reason for hope that this giant global pause might provide a massive opportunity to rethink, rebuild, and transform retail performance for good. Here are 7 massive shifts reshaping the beauty and cosmetics markets as we know it — and how we think companies should respond to improve their overall retail performance.
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About this report

Learn about the 7 major shifts reshaping the beauty and cosmetics industry - and how brands and retailers should respond - with deep dives on:

  • The new beauty and cosmetics buyers
  • The Chinese market is ahead in the game
  • Health and safety still in the spotlight
  • Emerging products and rapid sector growth
  • The new role of the store
  • Take a stand or take a seat in 2021
  • Upskilling and empowerment


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