Christmas Tree Shops x SimpliField: Driving Efficiency with Digital Reporting

In 2020, CTS chose SimpliField to develop a unified, mobile-first platform where HQ, Field, and Stores could communicate and act on tasks in real time, providing visibility and driving better results. Find out how store users saved 45 minutes on weekly reporting and one hour per week on merchandising using SimpliField.
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About this case study

SimpliField supported Christmas Tree Shops in increasing retail performance with an all-in-one mobile solution focused on:

  • Internal communications
  • Digital reporting
  • Brand compliance
  • Visual merchandising
  • Dashboards

“SimpliField allows us to interact as a single unit - one team with the same goals, from Store to HQ to Field. Communication travels at the speed needed to react to business challenges throughout the pandemic by using simplified design principles and a flexible platform.”

Dawn DeVincent

Dawn DeVincent, Operations Manager @ Christmas Tree Shops

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