Kiabi x SimpliField: Leveraging Communications for Visual Merchandising

At Kiabi, each area manager handles 80 to 90 stores simultaneously. Find out how SimpliField helps VM teams supervise their entire retail network even at a distance, making Kiabi more efficient and effective every day, in every store.
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Kiabi store interior

About this case study

Kiabi is a leading French retailer offering affordable ready-to-wear fashion for the whole family. Watch the video to find out how SimpliField and Kiabi closely collaborated to support VM teams with:

  • Internal communications
  • Visual merchandising checklists & audits
  • Store performance monitoring
  • Training & upskilling
  • Photo & feedback sharing
  • Store visits scheduling & calendaring

“SimpliField allows our managers to be much closer to everything from far away.”

Laurence Dufermont

Laurence Dufermont, Director of Merchandising @ Kiabi.

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