Asics x SimpliField: Unlocking Sales Potential with Powerful Merchandising

To better convey its brand messaging and optimize the customer experience across 150 stores, Asics built a team of technical representatives to lead training. Find out how Asics’ teams now rely on SimpliField to help fuel powerful operational marketing, sales, and merchandising execution.
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Mannequin in Asics store

About this case study

A leading producer of footwear and sports equipment, Asics’ aims to help people across the globe to live healthier, happier lives. The brand chose SimpliField to achieve this mission across its entire store network with:

  • Internal communications
  • Store performance monitoring
  • Personalized KPI dashboards
  • Collection launches
  • Visual merchandising
  • Competitive Intelligence

"The SimpliField analytics tool is powerful. We know where to find information that is relevant to us. Information processing and distribution is facilitated and accelerated."

Thibaut Guitton

Thibaut Guitton, Merchandising Coordinator @ Asics

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