Tech for Retail 2022: Welcome to SimpliField.

The world's first fully-integrated intelligent mobile retail platform.

What is SimpliField?

SimpliField, a Field Agent company, is leading retail digital transformation as an intelligent retail platform designed to enhance retail operations, internal communications, and advanced performance analytics.

We open the door for real-time, end-to-end analysis and business process optimization.

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  • Communicate.
    Keep your talent up to date and engaged with news, chat, alerts, and real-time communications.

  • Operate.
    Streamline processes to customize and scale your team’s best practices.

  • Analyze.
    Metrics are surfaced for each role, giving a clear view to insights.

Why choose SimpliField?

  • save time with SimpliField

    Save time.
    Unlock efficiency and adaptability to focus on the customer experience.

  • Empower teams with SimpliField.

    Empower teams.
    Invest in better tools for field insights.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with SimpliField.

    Stay ahead of the curve.
    Bolster your omnichannel strategy and go beyond new customer expectations.

  • Do more with less with SimpliField.

    Do more with less.
    Deliver improved sales faster than ever amidst challenges and setbacks.

What is Field Agent?

SimpliField is a Field Agent company.

Field Agent is a US-based retail solutions provider that specializes in audits, product-trial, and insights. 

Extend your reach and magnify your operations with Field Agent capabilities. 

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  • Expand your frontlines with Field Agent.

    Expand your frontlines.
    See inside one or one thousand stores. Increase your capacity without adding to the payroll.

  • Audit your execution with Field Agent.

    Audit your execution.
    Monitor team and third-party performance through display audits and customer service mystery shops.

  • Triage immediate needs with Field Agent.

    Triage immediate needs.
    Identify and address points of concern before you expend your limited budget with labor costs.

We're better together.

SimpliField and Field Agent are honored to partner with brands around the world to optimize their retail experiences.

SimpliField and Field Agent - Better Together. Brands we've worked with.Brands we've worked with.
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