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Define your template

The first phase is centered around gathering the necessary information to provision each account. This includes strategic preparation activities for both you and your Customer Success Manager at SimpliField.

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Since we purchased SimpliField, we have received exceptional support from our Customer Success Manager to upload our store and segmentation, assist with questions regarding the platform, and provide us insight into how others use the functionality.

Cosmetic Industry Executive,
Deploying SimpliField in 18 countries


Involve all your team

The second phase consists primarily of training sessions, ensuring your team is fully equipped to begin understanding your retail excellence approach.

Distance Training
Your Account Manager leads a live phone conference for you.
Training Days
A dedicated team comes for a full/half day of training (if accessible HQ).
Custom Training
Tailored to your unique needs to help your team adopt SimpliField


Maximize the value

The third phase is geared towards ensuring you and your team are able to adopt the SimpliField platform into your standard operating procedures and day-to-day activities.

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