SimpliField Platform:
Execution Fueled by Insights

SimpliField drives improved performance by making the right data actionable – by the right person, at the right time, in the right store.

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Real-Time Two-Way Communications for Field Teams

Get up-to-the-minute collaboration between HQ, store and field teams.

SimpliField is an all-in-one-tool that helps your teams become more agile and responsive, increasing transparency and compliance throughout the operational process. The SimpliField platform helps retail and brand leaders manage and inspire large, globally dispersed groups to hit their goals wherever they are.

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Mobile Smart Companion

Empower your field teams with the tools they need to hit their goals.

Each day on the field is a new challenge, and the SimpliField mobile app makes things easier. Provide your field and store team with access to a daily brief with personalized objectives, guidelines, new missions and more. Make sure your teams are instantly informed of company updates, major announcements, and more with a secure in-house social messaging app designed to inspire, engage and educate.

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Unparalleled Visibility.
Insights with Impact.

Get a 360° view of all your organization’s field operations, all from your desktop.

Access a comprehensive and easy-to-understand dashboard tracking key operational metrics by region, store, team and employee. Make decisions based on real data, and drive continuous improvement with accurate data and insights that move the needle on your critical KPIs.

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