SimpliField Platform

The only platform that automates your retail excellence process & serves as the connective tissue between your Field & HQ.

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Cross Departmental Tool

Get real time collaboration between HQ, store and field teams.

Different missions – One objective. Because HQ all need access to in-store data for detailed analysis, SimpliField facilitates the sharing of information. Dashboards are customisable so each team can find the right info at the right time. Each teams are now aligned on common brands objectives.

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Mobile Smart Companion

Empowers field teams to achieve brand’s goals in each store.

Each day on the field is a new challenge. On their SimpliField mobile application, your field  & store team access their daily brief: Personalized objectives, guidelines, new missions and store’s 360° profiles. Instantly informed of any new mission to accomplish, field teams hold all key info to succeed in implementing it. 

Perfect Execution Management

Monitor your distribution’s network operations from your desk. 

Retail is unpredictable. Give your field & store team the opportunity to inform you of any specific request. Instantly informed through a consolidated and graphical dashboard, you can react fast & make quicker and informed decisions to continuously improve store experience.

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