The Retail Execution Solution for Salesforce

SimpliField Enhances your CRM with an All-In-One Retail Execution Solution

Discover SimpliField

Mobile first solution build for retailers

On SimpliField app, field team access guidelines linked to action plans so they can perfectly execute. HQ teams get all this field data into their CRM for a deeper analysis. 

Offline Mobile App

In store, your field teams report all key information on their SimpliField App with just a few clicks. Missions are accessible everywhere on any device with offline mode.

360° Cross Analysis

Data from the field is automatically integrated into your salesforce users & accounts dashboard for a global visibility into both points of sale and team performance.

Qualitative Database

With SimpliField, broaden your salesforce dashboards with qualitative data such as pictures, comments, and notes to optimize your retail execution in store and boost sales.

Offline Mobile App

Empowers teams to ensure an exceptional experience in each store.

  • Field smart assistant – Field teams access objectives, marketing and sales operations to execute with guidelines for a perfect and efficient execution.
  • Intuitive reporting tool – With just a few clicks, teams do their reporting and report back on potential anomalies to headquarters, to focus on high value-added tasks.
  • Shop ID – All the key information associated with the store is at your fingertips: history of reports, statistics, photos … Simplified navigation for an efficient visit.

Mobile App

Empowers teams to ensure an exceptional experience in each store.

Key benefits from integrating SimpliField into Salesforce ?

  • Easy-to-use mobile application

  • Works everywhere with offline mode

  • Available in Salesforce app exchange

  • Compatible with lightning

  • Take photos & add qualitative data into reports

Teams from major brands use SimpliField on a daily basis.

You can also achieve operational excellence and continuously improve the customer experience.