Merchandising Meets Operational Excellence

Optimize your in-store visibility, enhance your customer experience, and maximize sales – with great merchandising reports.

Merchandising reports solution

Your field merchandising teams access visual guidelines & action plans. They send photos of implementations instantly – all from their SimpliField app.

Optimize visibility

Create custom report templates with merchandising books. They are accessible from any smartphone, in offline mode.


Make better decisions

On your personalized dashboard, instantly get a 360° view of the merchandising actions your teams take in the field.

Boost your sales

Calculate the ROI of each operation, establish action plans in real time and improve continuous performance.

Asics Testimony

“The SimpliField analysis tool is powerful – we know where to find information that is relevant to us. Information processing and distribution is simpler and easier.”

Thibaut GuittonMerchandising Coordinator @Asics
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Mobile App

Empowers merchandising teams to ensure an exceptional experience in each store.

  • Merchandising smart assistant – Merchandising teams access guidelines, planograms and missions to be carried out for a perfect execution.
  • Intuitive reporting tool – With just a few clicks, teams do their reporting with pictures and report back to headquarters. They can focus on high value-added tasks.
  • Shop ID – All the key information associated with the store is at fingertips: history of reports, statistics, photos … Simplified navigation for an efficient visit.

Merchandising tracking table

Global visibility on merchandising implementations and network performance.

  • Analysis chart – Your dashboards are consolidated and updated upon receipt of new merchandising reports. Analyse the business performance of your teams in the blink of an eye.
  • Real-Time communication loop – Instantly notified by field news, you communicate with your merchandising teams and continuously improve the customer experience in each store.
  • Visibility on the activity in the shop – You receive all the feedbacks from the merchandising teams, track ROI in real time and take better decisions.

Teams from major brands use SimpliField on a daily basis.

You can also achieve operational excellence and continuously improve the customer experience.