Get The Utlimate Cure For Product Availability

Monitor your pharmaceutical representatives daily activity, make insightful decisions, and improve performance.

Mobile App

Empowers representatives and members to optimize sell-out in every dispensary.

  • Visiting Companion – Field teams access the objectives, missions to be carried out and associated guidelines for a perfect execution.
  • Intuitive reporting tool – With just a few clicks, teams do their reporting and report back on potential anomalies to headquarters, to focus on high value-added tasks
  • Dispensary Overview – Each dispensary has a personalized profile with all key information, pictures, last activities and KPIs progression.
  • Member service – members can access to a customized animation plan and strengthen the collaboration between the headquarters and the partners.

360° dashboard

Global visibility on in-store execution and network performance.

  • Analysis Chart – Your dashboards are consolidated and updated upon receipt of new reports. Analyze the business performance of your teams in the blink of an eye.
  • Real-Time Communication Loop – Instantly notify field news, communicate with your field teams, and continuously improve the customer experience.
  • Visibility on the activity in the shop – You receive all the feedback from the field teams. You track their KPIs in real time and optimize performance across the network.

Leader Santé testimony

SimpliField helps us monitor the execution of our operations, measure its impact and improve in-store performance.

Samuel TordjmanCEO @Leader Santé

Created for your challenges


Each organization is different. Flexible and customizable, SimpliField meets your needs.

Commercial Agreement

Facing Negociation – Agreements Follow-Up – Opening Follow-Up

Trade Marketing

Tracking Product Launches – Promotional Operations – Stock & Merchandising Alerts


Follow-up of the training plans – Auto Evaluation – Team expertise report

Competitive Intelligence

Database – Photo reports of stores and competing products – Launch Follow-Up – Merchandising 

Animation Plan

Offer Implementation and Coherence – Sell-Out Follow-Up – Customers Feedbacks – Animation Calendar

Member service

Training – Best Practices – Personalised Requests – Alerts

85% of pharmacies in France are covered by SimpliField

You can also increase your sales with better operational performance.