Retail Sales is all about Field Operations Execution

Get more visits, have an impact and increase sales – from anywhere.


Field Sales Solution Built For Brands And Retailers

With Simplifield, your field reps access insights and store information on the go, get reports done quickly, and track key performance indicators instantly.

Accelerate Productivity

Create custom visit report templates accessible everywhere on any device with offline mode.

Increase Field Sales

Track action plans in real time and monitor performance improvements at any level.

Make The Right Decision

Get unprecedented visibility of your field operations with our Team and POS Activity dashboard.

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As traffic is deacreasing in stores, we need to convert more. This is why SimpliField has a great value : It allows our salesteam and the whole structure to be more efficient.”

Laurent Bichard – Sales Development Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment


For Managers

Personalized Dashboard

Define your KPIs, determine your targets and let the data come to you. We update your dashboard automatically as soon as a new report is received. Get real time insights into your field execution and make quick, informed decisions.

  • Create Drag & drop Report Templates
  • Browse Geotagged & Timestamped Photos

Improved Status Tracking

Identify key operational milestones and track their progress in real time. Interact instantly with your team to reduce processing time from your mobile application

  • Custom Key Milestones
  • Create Validation Process

Team and POS Activity

See reports from each POS or use filters to analyze your operations and team performance. Sales performance has never been so easy to monitor and improve!

  • Search with powerful filters
  • Export data on PDF and send CSV files to Your CRM
For Field Team

Your Field Team’s Companion App

On SimpliField’s application, your team will receive their missions and objectives everyday, along with guidelines to help in the execution. Personalized report templates lets your team report all the data you need quickly and in one visit.

Fill Reports in Minutes
Works Everywhere (Online & Offline)
Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Reports Automatically Sent to Managers
Access To Your PoS Profiles

Activity Feed

 Your field team members connect to their apps to see accomplished missions. They can report to sales managers and alert HQ teams if support is needed with the press of a button.

  • Edit Missions From Mobile
  • Automatic Email with Recap PDF

Area POS Profiles

 Your field teams can access the POS description, get latest visit reports, and store performance indicators. They can prepare each visit perfectly, saving time and effort.

  • Profiles for every POS
  • Photo Gallery

The Fastest Growing and Most Efficient Teams Run on SimpliField.

You too can increase sales with a better execution.

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