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Unprecedent Visibility on Field Operation

Merchandising and POS animations are strong sell-out drivers that must be follow closely. With SimpliField fashion software, get real time insight on your implantations. From shopfronts to planograms, field team share their actions directly from the mobile application and get support if needed.

  • Easy access to guidelines linked with actions plan
  • Shorter feedback loop with Field team to correct and improve

Powerful Incentive Interface

Best practices must be shared by all! On SimpliField, field team share their implementations with store managers and HQ team as well as performance KPIs. Beside being more involved and proactive, being number one store become a powerful motivator.

  • Best practices database & Photo gallery
  • Shared Dashboard and KPI on sell-out

Features Made For Leading Brands in the Fashion Industry

Automatic Dashboard

Graphical interpretation of your KPIs for faster analysis

Advanced Filters

PoS, Users, Campaign, Time Period, Answers ... go deeply into your data in minutes

Full Security & Confidentiality

Data you collect is confidential and your property. It's hosted on a cloud-based, high-security server in France

Media Gallery

Every picture taken by your team is automatically associated to your stores, campaign...

Customised report template

Add briefing and documents and send your reports to specific teams, users or PoS

Alert Monitoring

Team on the field can push Stocks, Trade & Merch alerts to HQ.

The Fastest Growing and Most Efficient Teams Run on SimpliField.

You too can increase sales with a better retail execution.

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